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Shakespeare & Drums


Team Build­ing, Alter­na­tive Learn­ing and Well Being 

Shake­speare & Drums is a fun pro­gramme for all ages and abil­i­ties which focuses on an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary approach to devel­op­ing ‘learn­ing mus­cles’ through cre­ativ­ity. We use visual aids, rhythm, move­ment and sto­ries from Shakespeare’s plays to stim­u­late minds and bodies.

We are happy to work with organ­is­ers to design a work­shop plan com­pat­i­ble with any spe­cial inter­ests or needs.

‘This was cer­tainly some­thing dif­fer­ent, some­thing many peo­ple can enjoy as one group, some­thing to help with their hand, eye, hear­ing co-ordination, some­thing that cre­ates inter­est and dis­cus­sion of
cul­tures and his­tory.’  

—Dawn Cut­ler, Sup­port Worker

Tri­dent Hous­ing Asso­ci­a­tion Over 50s ses­sion, Jan 2104

          Cul­ture mak­ing in the Cor­po­rate Envi­ron­ment — Express­way Ser­vices May 2014

This pro­gramme has run in diverse envi­ron­ments including:

  • Tri­dent Hous­ing Asso­ci­a­tion, Birmingham
  • Hack­ney Col­lege of Per­form­ing Arts, London
  • Bor­ders Busters — South West Birm­ing­ham Local Author­ity School Cluster
  • Home edu­ca­tion group for early years in Birmingham
  • The Leone Prepara­tory School in Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Sec­ondary schools in Bul­awayo, Zimbabwe




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