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Par­tic­i­pant feedback

Yes I can, I can stand up in front sev­eral crowds, dif­fer­ent faces and per­form to the best of my abil­i­ties; yes I can.”
Cherie John­son Stu­dent and vocal­ist, Leeds

Here we had local peo­ple com­ing to see the shows, lov­ing the shows, stay­ing to dis­cuss and really being moved by it. And so five shows was amaz­ing, to get five dif­fer­ent gigs after two weeks work, when­ever we could with peo­ple hav­ing other jobs, other com­mit­ments was aston­ish­ing.”
Maria Askew Per­former, Paris

Being South African, this project has given me an in into that other cul­tural expe­ri­ence. It was a true tes­ta­ment of the vora­cious appetite of inner cities that peo­ple want sto­ries to be told, are dying for the­atre but it has to be inclu­sive, inclu­sive of the way they think, the way they feel and their sit­u­a­tion.”
Wela Mbusi Actor, Birm­ing­ham

Tom John­son Stu­dent, Warwick

The expe­ri­ence was a life-changing expe­ri­ence for my career as a actress and a singer. I learnt how to work as a team; voice pro­jec­tion; how to com­mu­ni­cate with the audi­ence; how to make dif­fer­ent shapes and facial expres­sions and how to stay in char­ac­ter; tone of voice; how to feel, live, and breathe the char­ac­ter; to under­stand Shake­spear­ian lan­guage, view­ing and inter­pret­ing it in dif­fer­ent ways and angles.”
Pamela Gonye Per­former, Zimbabwe

I have been a direc­tor for a long time, now I am see­ing things from another side, being directed and see­ing the chal­lenges that are faced by actors, how they may be respond­ing to me when I am talk­ing to them.“
Ansell Brod­er­ick Artis­tic Direc­tor of Vybza Productions

So many things like this should be done a lot more; we were cry­ing out there not even want­ing any­one to go because we were so excited just to work with each other. Each and every sin­gle per­son I have worked with has inspired me and I hope we keep in touch because it has been amaz­ing.”
Nicole Munhawa Singer, Not­ting­ham

Cherie John­son & Henna Angus-Shafi Stu­dents and vocal­ists, Leeds

Audi­ence feedback

Espe­cially for peo­ple my age—we are learn­ing about Shake­speare at col­lege and we might not have that much understanding—the whole adap­ta­tion you took on it was really engag­ing and it was fan­tas­tic to watch. You made it easy to under­stand.”
At The Gospel of Oth­ello Post-show dis­cus­sion at Don­caster College

I sat here and I bawled my eyes out, it opened up so much emo­tional things. And I’ve seen shows at the West End […] and [this] is one of the best shows that I have seen; you’re amaz­ing.“
At The Gospel of Oth­ello Post-show dis­cus­sion at Don­caster Col­lege

An extra­or­di­nary, ener­getic, funny and emo­tional work. Patrice bril­liantly brings to life arche­typal char­ac­ters that tell a story of Africa that is both per­sonal and uni­ver­sal. I loved it.“
At The Man Who Com­mit­ted Thought Cock­pit The­atre, London

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